The Year 2017: A Collective Chronicle of Thoughts and Observations

Welcome to our collective chronicle of the year 2017! This journal was written to follow the general change that we experience in our daily lives, in our cities, countries and beyond, in the political discourses and in our reflections on the role of artists and intellectuals. Originating from several talks and discussions with fellow artists and thinkers FFT felt the strong need to share thoughts and feelings about how we witness what is going on in the world. Week after week different writers, artists, thinkers and scientists wrote their observations into this collective diary.


#1 January 1st – 8th Jacob Wren

#2 January 9th – 15th Toshiki Okadajapanese version

#3 January 16th – 22nd Nicoleta Esinencuromanian version

#4 January 20th – 30th Alexander Karschnia & Noah Fischer

#5 January 30th – February 6th Ariel Efraim Ashbel

#6 February 6th – 12th Laila Soliman

#7 February 13th – 19th Frank Heuel – german version

#8 February 20th – 26th Claudia Bossegerman version

#9 February 26th – March 5th Gina Moxley

#10 March 6th – 12th Geoffroy de Lagasnerie – version française

#11 March 13th – 19th Agnieszka Jakimiak

#12 March 20th – 26th Yana Thönnes

#13 March 30th – April 2nd Geert Lovink

#14 April 3rd – 9th Monika Klengel – german version

#15 April 10th – 16th Iggy Lond Malmborg

#16 April 17th – 23rd Verena Meis – german version

#17 April 24th – 30th Jeton Neziraj

#20 May 15th – 21st Bojan Jablanovec

#21 May 22nd – 28th Veit Sprenger – german version

#22 May 29th – June 4th Segun Adefila

#23 June 5th – 11th Agata Siniarska

#25 June 19th – 25th Friederike Kretzengerman version

#26 June 26th – July 2nd Sahar Rahimi

#27 July 3rd – 9th Laura Naumanngerman version

#28 July 10th – 16th Tom Mustroph – german version

#29 July 17th – 23rd Maria Sideri

#30 July 24th – 30th Joachim Brodin

#33 August 14th – 20th Amado Alfadni

#35 August 28th – September 3rd Katja Grawinkel-Claassen – german version

#38 September 18th – 24th Marcus Steinweg

#43 October 23rd – 29th Jeannette Mohr

#44 May/December Etel Adnan

#45 December 24th – 31st Bini Adamczak

A Collective Chronicle of Thoughts and Observations ist ein Projekt im Rahmen des Bündnisses internationaler Produktionshäuser, gefördert von der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien.