20:00 Uhr

100 Keyboards

Im Rahmen der Nippon Performance Nights
Berger Kirche, Wallstraße 17
16€ / 10€ (erm.)

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Asuna’s live performances are an experience; textured soundscapes that blur the lines between art and music.

Tokyo Art Beat


100 Keyboards really are 100 keyboards. Keyboards, keyboards, keyboards, a giant circle of keyboards. Keyboards in various sizes and colors. The 100 keyboards cause multiple acoustic waves of the same frequency to traverse the space. The sounds of the keyboards overlap to form a complex musical moiré pattern. The performative 100 keyboard installation by Japanese sound artist ASUNA allows visitors to experience subtle variations of resonances and sound overlapping. This text contains 12 keyboards, all 100 keyboards can be seen and heard in the excellent visual and acoustic space of the Berger Kirche in the Altstadt.


ASUNA is a sound artist from the Japanese experimental music scene, dedicated since the late 1990’s to music, performance and installation. As part of Tokyo’s minimalist ambient drone music improvisation scene, he has had a major influence on many other Japanese musicians. The sound installation 100 Toys, in which he used a multitude of tiny plastic toys to create a complex and fascinating universe of drones, loops, acoustic shifts and small pop-implosions, was shown this year at the PACT Zollverein’s spring festival in Essen. https://sites.google.com/site/asuna100keyboards/




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