19:30 Uhr

All I Need

or “Just the same, but golden” // as part of west off
FFT Juta
language: German
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Here you can find the complete west off programm (9. – 11. jan 2020).

What do we need? What do we lust for? What is it that we cannot live without, in this world of infinite wishes and uninhibited exploitation of all available resources? Life is a Dionysiac voyage between desires and satisfaction, intoxication and the inevitable hangover. Grab your piece of the cake as long as there is something left to grab! Devour it all until you have to vomit! Or is less more? Does asceticism quench the desire? And is all you need love?


kollektiv.plakativ develops an ecstatic image of wanting and being able to have, putting the question as to what we really need up for discussion: As individuals, as representatives of a generation, as women, men, artists, as Europeans, as humans.

Actresses Olja Artes, Alina Rohde and actor Alessandro Grossi set up kollektiv.plakativ this year. They scrutinise social constructs and interpersonal mechanisms through the use of different theatrical means and approaches. In this, they utilise the various possibilities and energies inherent in choric speech. They also concurrently work as actresses/ actors and acting teachers.


Norman Grotegut (Mentoring) studied speech sciences and English language and literature studies at Landau in der Pfalz University as well as cultural sciences and aesthetic practice at Hildesheim University. He currently lives in Cologne, working throughout Germany as a performer, video artist, and speaker. His personal focus lies on analogue filmed animation methods that include documentary narrative forms. Norman is a member of theatre and performance groups theatrale subversion (recipients of the Doppelpass Grant of the Kulturstiftung des Bundes 2012 – 2014) and Pandora Pop, collaborating with machina ex, turbo pascal, Theater Marabu, Theater Bonn and theater fensterzurstadt and others. He is active in the organisational direction of pulk fiktion, acts on stage there while also taking responsibility for their animations.

Text + Direction: kollektiv.plakativ. With: Olja Artes, Alessandro Grossi, Alina Rohde. Choreography: Sara Peña. Mentor: Norman Grotegut. Photo: @olle.l.olle. Eine Koproduktion von Locu&Ruth mit der studiobühneköln im Auftrag von „west off 2019 – Theaternetzwerk Rheinland“. Supported by the Cultural Offices of the Cities of Bonn, Düsseldorf and Cologne as well as by the Ministry for Culture and Sciences of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia as well as by RAMPE e.V.