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Carpet Waves

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When big picture is gripped in uncertain times and the concentration focused on the unpalpable, it becomes important not to lose oneself. Our music does not deal with the big picture. We handle the minimal. We handle that which is as important. We handle what happens inside of us, what moves us, what shapes us all into who we are. Wavy melodies from the inside, out of the situation, on a densely woven and structured carpet. Those are the Carpet Waves. Accompanied by a big guitar sound originating directly from the British and American 90s and a driving rhythm, the four boys create big emotions, and always a languorous melancholia. To ponder, feel or dream.

Carpet Waves – that is Benny, Kai, Javi and Tim. Frontman Benny, in order to realise his song ideas, started getting a project together in 2014. Two years later, the line-up was finally complete and the desired sound attained. The band members’ varying influences now melt into an idiosyncratic sound which the band describes as Wave Rock – also to just avoid being pigeonholed in a genre. Following numerous self-organised shows in Düsseldorf, Cologne and Wuppertal, gigs at the first larger festivals coincided with 2018’s EP “1165/Particles”.