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written by Samuel Beckett
Pan Pan
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“I’m afraid to open. But I must open. So I open,” states the mysterious “Opener”, a key figure in Samuel Becket’s radio play Cascando. The Irish Nobel laureate characterises his work, written in 1961, as follows: “It is an unimportant work but the best I have to offer.” We accompany the Opener and the other figures – “Voice”, “Woburn” and “Music” – on their voyage towards an uncertain future full of doubt and coercion. Dublin-based Pan Pan Theatre, formed around Gavin Quinn and Aedin Cosgrove, sends us on a mysterious pilgrim trek around Düsseldorf, in costume and equipped with headphones. Beckett’s text speaks of a new beginning, of a battle between agony and progress. We hesitate, yet we go, slowly and together. Do we only hear a text? Or do we play a role therein? Will this conundrum be solved? Where do we arrive? When we all return to our starting point at the end of our journey, when the voices and the music in our heads have become silent, we have changed.

Pan Pan
Dublin‘s Pan Pan Theatre is Ireland’s most renowned independent theatre group and has brought its experimental approach to classic material on journeys to stages and festivals in Europe, the US, Canada, Korea, Australia, New Zealand and China. The FFT counts among the group’s permanent partners, most recently showing “The Seagull and Other Birds”, after Anton Chekhov. Since Pan Pan’s inception by Gavin Quinn and Aedin Cosgrove, the collective has constantly questioned its own mode of operations instead of relying on determined, proven formats. The development of new performance ideas and the desire for individuality and innovation are at the heart of their stage works. Pan Pan tries to approximate theatre as an open form of expression, thereby developing a unique aesthetic. They present their performances, both nationally and internationally, within a diverse array of co-productions and collaborations.
Direction: Gavin Quinn. Facilities: Aedín Cosgrove. Sound Design and Music: Jimmy Eadie. To: Rachel Conlon. Productions Management: Tríona Humphries. Dramaturgy: Nick Johnson. Featuring: Andrew Bennett and Daniel Reardon. Supported by Culture Ireland and The Arts Council of Ireland.