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Actually it’s a classical rock ‘n’ roll story. Originally founded by classmates Oska Wald (guitar/vocals), Jiles (drums), and Lorenz O’Tool (guitar/vocals), Chuckamuck signed with Staatsakt when they were no more than teenagers and produced their first singles in 2009, the first LP “Wild for Adventure” in 2011 and a steady stream of EPs thereafter. All this of course accompanied by touring, rock ‘n’ roll excesses, destroyed hotel rooms, aka all the trappings of a young rock ‘n’ roll band in the delirium of initial success. In 2013, they release their second LP “Jiles”, in 2014 the “Im Knast”-EP and then – silence: a break for contemplation.



Chuckamuck are well versed in rock ‘n’ roll tradition. A band named in the spirit of Chuck Berry and after a song by King Khan cannot be accused of not knowing the history of its genre. What Would Neil Young Do? These guys knew exactly what was coming to them: it was time to go introspective and move to the countryside. It was time to do their own producing and release a “self-titled”-Album. In summary, it was time for the third LP, released September 2017 on the Staatsakt label. 



Now, Chuckamuck is back on tour – with old and also very new, previously unreleased songs, on the road in a new van, with new band member Amit on organ and bass. Don’t miss out on this amazing show!