11:00 Uhr

City in Capitalism

as part of the series "City as Factory"
Bernd Belina
Lecture, Discussion, Guided City Walk
Theatermuseum Düsseldorf
10€/5€ (red.)

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Who determines what happens in cities? And where it happens? The inhabitants, the politicians? Or is the decisive factor in fact the development of global capitalism? Capital flows to where the best rate of return beckons and it avoids places where there is nothing to be gained. Where is goes, it creates values and wreaks immense havoc. Where absent, it drives politics to attract it.


In our series City as Factory, we have invited Bern Belina, professor at the Frankfurt Institute for Human Geography. Together with him, we want to discuss ways in which cities are economically, politically and socially formed and destroyed by the flow of capital. His lecture will feature local perspectives, as well as a walking tour to  scenes of current urban development in Düsseldorf.