14:00 Uhr
14:00 Uhr

Coding Empathy – Workshop and Feedback group for Artists and Technologists 

as part of ON/LIVE 2021 - Das Theater der Digital Natives
Duration: 4 hours per day // Language: English

as part of ON/LIVE 2021 – Das Theater der Digital Natives [watch full program] 

In the workshop and feedback group Coding Empathy we want to approach the question of how we use code and technology as a medium in our artistic work and explore its performative potential with artists and technologists. THE AGENCY and OMSK Social Club present their current approaches in which technologies are used to enable social or intimate situations to dive into the topic:  


Furthermore, we would like to encourage other participants in the group to present their own work on the topic of Coding Empathy and to bring their questions to the group. 

Info + Participation


The workshop will take place over two days: 
Thu 20.5 + Fri 21.5, both 14 – 18 clock


 Participation in the workshop and feedback group is intended for 12 people who will receive a small allowance of € 200 each. 


The workshop will be mostly in English 


We look forward to a short application in which you describe your motivation and your artistic or technological work. Also let us know if you would like to present your work. Please send your application by May the 18th to  post@postpragmaticsolutions.com 

The Agency
THE AGENCY is a performance group that experiments with the manifestations of neoliberalism in an immersive way. Their performances, in which viewers are gently involved as customers or future members, revolve around subversive options of agency under the conditions of the post-digital: How are our desires, our feelings, our identities and political movements formed in the post-digital age? And how is it possible under these conditions to create counter-emotions, counter-identities, counter-movements? The artistic works pick up on formats with neoliberal connotations  and their aesthetic strategies such as branding and corporate identity, turn the institutionalized technologies of the self critically and affirmatively – and strive for utopian potential from a queer-feminist perspective. THE AGENCY was founded by Belle Santos, Yana Thönnes, Magdalena Emmerig and RahelSpöhrerwww.postpragmatiscolutions.com 
 Omsk Social Club
The work of Omsk Social Club arises between two lived worlds, one of life as we know it and one of role play. These worlds “bleed” into one another – and this is where Omsk positions its speculative fictions. Through these immersive installations, they move into an area that they have been using the term Real Game Play (RGP) since 2017. The living installations they create explore virtual egos, popular experiences, and political phenomena.
Part of the #TakeCare residence “boybot– troubling echo chambers”. Funded by the Alliance of International Production Houses e.V. within the framework of the program Neustart Kultur: #TakeCare supported by the Fonds Darstellende Künste e.V. and funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media.