20:00 Uhr
20:00 Uhr


Jaha Koo
FFT Juta
In koreanischer Sprache mit englischen Übertiteln. Dauer: 60 Minuten
19 € / 11 € (erm.)

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There will be an audience talk after the performance on 26 September. 


It’s not all Samsung and sunshine in South Korea. The country’s transformation into a high-tech economic powerhouse and the subsequent liberalization in accordance with the stipulations of the International Monetary Fund have had tragic effects: growing pressure to perform well in the country’s competitive society, the reigning stringent social order and hierarchical inhibitions have caused suicide rates to skyrocket, especially among young people. Shortly before artist Jaha Koo immigrated to Amsterdam to study, his best friend killed himself. Armed with unconventional humor, Jaha Koo enters into a dialogue with three modified Cuckoo-brand rice cookers to produce a touching personal analysis of a society, which strives towards improving it gross domestic product at all cost.

Jaha Koo is a South Korean theater maker, performer and composer. He mixes music, video, text and installations into multi-media performances to explore politics, history and personal issues. “Cuckoo” is the second part of a trilogy thematically focused since 2014 on the past and its influence on daily life. The first part of the trilogy “Lolling and Rolling” premiered as part of the Theater Spektakel Zürich in 2015. The last part of the trilogy “The History of Korean Western Theater” (working title) will come out in spring 2019.

Concept, Direction, Text, Music, Video: Jaha Koo. Performance: Hana, Duri, Seri & Jaha Koo. Cuckoo hacking: Idella Craddock. Space/Media: Eunkyung Jeong. Dramaturgy: Dries Douibi. Production: Kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek, CAMPO. Coproduction: Bâtard Festival. Support: CAMPO, STUK, BUDA, DAS, SFAC & Noorderzon / Grand Theatre Groningen. Funded by Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie.
Partner: Eine Welt Forum Düsseldorf