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“The Man Who Fell to Earth” is a strange science fiction film by Nicholas Roeg; it is about an alien that has landed on earth and wants to build a spaceship to return home.


A similar arrival occurred a few years ago in the German capital. Suddenly, this alien appeared out of nowhere (okay, he was Swiss); a beautiful young man full of world-weariness, in a tailor-made tailcoat, worn out by a long journey. He had the strange cartoonish name Dagobert.


As his inspiration, Dagobert names composing eccentrics like Tiny Tim, the musical Satanist Anton LaVey, and the Moog pioneer Mort Garson, who once released a record with which he supposedly could make plants grow. Or even Telly Savalas, who probably was underestimated as a singer. But on the new Dagobert record you can also hear many other influences; New Order, the early Depeche Mode, but also the incomparably sweet synthesizer harmonies of Asian pop or the hymnal guitars reminscent of the Manic Street Preachers or the Scorpions.