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Das Lackballett

Theater der Klänge
Dance Performance
FFT Juta

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“Farbklangrausch” is an intermedial dance performance, based on sketches from the late work of Oskar Schlemmer. A top-notch, sensual live experience merging sounds, colors, dance, electronic music and real time video. Since its establishment in 1987, the Theater der Klänge has drawn strong inspiration from the stage works of 1920’s Bauhaus. The group from Düsseldorf has since made a name for itself as true blue Bauhaus experts. We look forward to their contribution to the anniversary year of “100 Years of Bauhaus”.


On January 11 there will be an Aucience Talk after the show.



Directed and Composed by: J. U. Lensing. Choreography: Jacqueline Fischer. Interactive Video Design: Yoann Trellu. Figures: Caterina Di Fiore and Christian Forsen.

Funded by the Cultural Department and the Bürger Stiftung of the City of Düsseldorf.


The Theater der Klänge, founded 1987 in Düsseldorf, has operates its own rehearsal studio, workshops and artistic administrative office for more than 30 years now and always premieres its new productions in a alternating venue across Düsseldorf (e.g. FFT, Capitol Theater, tanzhaus nrw).


Choreographer Jacqueline Fischerwas an ensemble member e.g. of the Folkwang Dance Studio Essen and at Theater der Klänge. Today, she works as an independent choreographer, dance pedagogue and is a member the artistic core team at Theater der Klänge Düsseldorf.


Professor J. U. Lensing studied composition at the Folkwang University in Essen. He is founder of Theater der Klänge and has directed almost its pieces. Today, he works both as a composer and radio play author, as well as theater and film director. He is moreover also a teacher, lecturer, author, as well as translator of English and French specialist literature.