10:00 Uhr
16:00 Uhr

Das platte Kaninchen | The flat rabbit

as part of Spielarten 2019
Consol Theater
Theater für alle ab 4 Jahren
FFT Juta


The rabbit from No. 34 lies on the street – flat as a sheet of paper. This cannot remain as it is, according to the dog and the rat, so they carefully peel it from the asphalt and proceed to hammer and build all night… A story of cheerful ease, telling us about compassion and respect, with a philosophical wink.

Direction: Andrea Kramer. With Xolani Mdluli, Eric Rentmeister. Outfitting: Stefanie Stuhldreier. Music: Miriam Berger. Dramaturgy: Sylvie Ebelt. Theatre pedagogy: Barbara Grubenbecher

Spielarten, the North Rhine-Westphalian children and youth theatre festival, will again guest in Düsseldorf with four exceptional performances. It will be philosophical, adventurous and explosive.