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Defining (i) dentity

olo dentity oio dentity (I) dentity / as part of west off
Saskia Rudat
FFT Juta
Duration: 80 min / Language: German+English
16€/10€ (erm.)

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Here you can find the complete west off programm (9. – 11. jan 2020).

Blue. Pink. Trousers. Skirts. Braids. Short hair. Cars. Dolls. Penis. Vulva.


Isn’t it simply absurd how often human reproductive organs become linked to a person’s skill set, preferences and behaviour? But current science disagrees: The differences in gender are much less pronounced in comparison to the shared traits. Saskia Rudat’s performance yells at you: Do not fear the binary dissolution! More is more! Relax! Driven by profound disapproval, Defining (i) dentity olo dentity oio dentity (I) dentity negotiates binary gender boxes and sexual myths with a lot of wit, personality and rock‘n’roll.

Saskia Rudat, born in Dresden in 1991, works as a performer, choreographer, theatrical director and writer. Following psychological studies, she concluded her training in the “physical theatre” degree course at Folkwang University of the Arts. Her artistic capabilities and interests range from music, text, directing and acting through mask, puppet and object theatre right to performance art, dance, and acrobatics. In her choreographic works, she exhibits an especially keen interest in the boundaries of dance and theatre, for rhythm and contradictions as well as for a personal and simultaneously clownish stance of the performer. She presented her short solo pieces at various international dance and physical theatre festivals. With her solo “brainjogging”, Rudat went on to win the “Best Performer” award as bestowed by international dance festival SoloDuo NRW&Friends in 2017 as well as the audience-jury award at 2019’s Explosive Festival Bremerhaven. Landesbüro Freie Darstellende Künste nominated her for the State Support Grant for young artists in 2018. Saskia Rudat has been collaborating with Ivo Schneider in collective SÄCHSISCHE SCHWEIZ since 2014, together realising the production of “Stellen Sie sich vor, Sie wären in Bern” as part of “west off” 2015. She has been a founding member as well as a board member of the Physical Theatre Network since 2017 and an active member of the cheers for fears initiative since 2014.

Concept: Saskia Rudat. Performance: Simon Rudat, Saskia Rudat. Music/Composition: Jakob Lorenz, Saskia Rudat. Stage/Costume: Dorothea Mines, Saskia Rudat. Production/Theatre Pedagogy Nina Weber. Scientific Research: Theresa Elsässer. Outside Eye: Constantin Hochkeppel. Technical Direction: Jan Widmer. Public Relations/Design: Thalia Killer. Production: Saskia Rudat. Co-Production: FFT Düsseldorf and Barnes Crossing Cologne. Supported by the Ministry for Culture and Sciences of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, the Cultural Office of the City of Cologne and the Kunststiftung NRW.