10:00 Uhr

The Little Black Fish

Based on a fairytale by Samad Behrangi // as part of Spielarten Festival 2018
Armada Theater
Theater für alle ab 5 Jahren
FFT Juta
Dauer: ca. 45 Minuten
8€ / 6€ (erm.)

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The little black fish was thoughtful. He said little and often fell back behind his mother. Mother fish worried about her child and thought it might be a bit sick. But the little black fish was not sick. He was missing something else … Using simple means and lots of joyful performing, the theater ensemble Armada utilizes music and storytelling to recount a fairytale that encourages venturing out into unknown waters. 


By and with: Michael Zier und Clara Gohmert. Music: Michael Zier. Artistic Collaborator: Lea Kallmeier. Lighting Design: Simon Knöß. A cooperation between Armada and the Maschinenhaus Essen, funded by the Cultural Office of the City of Essen.


Armada Theater is a theater collective that poses contemporary questions in acts of shared creative inquiry. All participants in Armada’s work processes are equal initiators. The productions revolve around universal issues, producing open pictorial values, contradictions that exist vis à vis and enough space for spectators to have their own associations and interpretations. The Little Black Fish is Armada’s first piece for a young audience.