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The Ghosts of Christmas Past XI

Sven F. Heubes, Patrick Folkerts, Manuel Muerte, Suse Wächter
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1. Show: 27 € (AS) + 33 € (BO) // 2. Show: 30 € (AS) + 37 € (BO (2. Show incl. snack and sparkling wine)

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After a rousing 10thanniversary last year, Düsseldorf’s most magical New Year show returns for its 11thedition. Sven F. Heubes, German master of the magical arts, will once again create an extraordinarily magical evening with very special guests. Grasp the chance to catch a glimpse of your own future and e.g. personally meet Sigmund Freud and God.


The mind may no longer believe in miracles, yet indulging in the irrational can give pleasure in itself. Magician Manuel Muerte and puppeteer Suse Wächter meet for a very particular kind of séance. Conjured up from the depths of Hades, we have the seer Pythia, the voice of the Oracle of Delphi. Do you have questions about the past, present or future? Throw yourself into the vortex of shifting realities. Observe the work of one-of-a-kind magician Patrick Folkerts, who dazzled famous Las Vegas stars “Penn & Teller” on US-American TV. Definitely, the most unusual, strangest, most exciting and magical New Year’s show that Heubes has ever presented! It can’t get any better.


Of course the show will be presented twice again this year as always: first at 6:30 pm, for everyone, who has party plans for afterwards and again at 9:30 pm for those, who’d rather go eat first. After the second show, we will be offering a small midnight snack and sparkling wine, as the infamous after-show party takes off in the foyer. Don’t miss this spectacular highlight!



  1. Show:

6.30 – 8.30 pm

For everyone, who has party plans afterwards!


  1. Show:

9.30 – 11.30 pm

For those, who want to have dinner first!


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