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Die Marquise von O…

Heinrich von Kleist
FFT / Theater an der Ruhr
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The story begins during the war. A Russian officer protects the Marquise from his soldiers’ violence. Weeks later, the rescued lady realizes that she is pregnant. She cannot remember the act of conceiving a child. Her father suspects her of wicked intrigue to conceal sexual escapades. Her mother does not know what to think and the Marquise decides to take radical action: she places a newspaper ad to find the father of the child. In investigative retrospection, with fast-paced and turbulent language, the characters work their way forwards to the truth. A truth, which falls apart the closer it gets.


Directed by: Esther Hattenbach. Dramaturgy: Sven Schlötcke. Assistant Dramaturge: Julia Morawietz. Costumes: Heinke Stork. Lighting Design and Video: Jochen Jahncke. Sound: Frank Dumcius. With: Johanna Kitzl, Gabriella Weber, Nico Ehrenteit, Oliver Kerstan, Thomas Schweiberer, Rupert J. Seidl. In cooperation with the FFT Düsseldorf and funded by the NRW Ministry for Culture and Science.


Esther Hattenbach, born 1977 in Weimar, studied Directing for Theater at the Hamburg University for Music and Theater with Jürgen Flimm. After receiving her diploma (with honors), she began working in 2001 as a director throughout Germany, in meanwhile more than 15 different municipal and state theaters. Some of her most recent works are e.g. Baumeister Solness (Henrik Ibsen) at the Rheinische Landestheater Neuss, Hexenjagd (Arthur Miller) at the Stadttheater Koblenz and – in a version of her own – The Marquise of O… (Heinrich v. Kleist) at the Theater an der Ruhr Mülheim.

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