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Don’t Be Yourself – 8 Self-Portraits

Boris Nikitin and Scenic Researchers
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Reality is created through representation, identity through performance, opportunity through negation. Eight young artists from the Scenic Research Department of the Ruhr University Bochum venture with director Boris Nikitin out to the borderline of ‘to be’ or ‘not to be’. Each has created a scenic self-portrait. Eight images, eight performances: gritty, sketchy, frontal. The practice-oriented MA Scenic Research aligns academic theater and cultural studies research with artistic practice, educational and curatorial work. Boris Nikitin currently holds the 2018/19 winter semester Christoph-Schlingensief Guest Professorship, a position held by alternating artists.


Concept/Performance: Yasmin Fahbod, Christian Minwegen, Anna Neubert, Lioba Sombetzki, Diana Treder, Yana Novotorova, Marieke Werner, Mandy Wiegand.


For over ten years now, the work of theater director and author Boris Nikitin deals with the construction of identity and reality. His pieces invariably seek out the boundary between illusionary theater and performance. His piece “Hamlet” was the opening production of the 2016 Impulse Festival in Cologne. Theater heute writes: “Boris Niktin currently pushes theater to a critical point, like few others.”