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don’t come on!

as part of west off 2018
Katharina Roll
FFT Juta

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Punk’s not dead! In her radical dance-performance, Katharina Roll uses the concepts of sacrifice and resistance. Against manipulations, standards, norms. Certainties are constructs that can be swept off the stage. And what we know least of all, is how the evening will end.


Choreography: Katharina Roll, Ursina Tossi. Dance: Katharina Roll. Concept: supanova. Dramaturgical Advice: Claude Jansen. Mentor: Morgan Nardi


Katharina Roll is a dancer, mime and performance artist. She studied ballet, contemporary and jazz dance at Coucher College Baltimore. After going abroad to study at the International School of Corporeal Mime Theatre de l’Ange Fou London, she turned to performance art and developed a movement vocabulary based on a combination of ballet, modern dance, mime corporeal and butoh dance. don´t come on! was created in close collaboration with choreographer / dancer / researcher Ursina Tossi.