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12:00 Uhr
12:00 Uhr

Ein Institut für unvorhergesehene Zusammenarbeit

Gintersdorfer / Klaßen
Ort wird noch bekannt gegeben.

More information about time and place will be announced soon.

Show, discourse, material dance, carpentry, kitchen and party. All this housed by the “Institut für unvorhergesehene Zusammenarbeit” (“Institute for Unexpected Collaboration”), which Gintersdorfer / Klaßen situate in Düsseldorf’s urban space. There will be daily rehearsals during the daytime and public rehearsals, parties and discussions in the evenings. Performances between dance and visual art, spontaneous theater and political intervention will be shown with rotating casts. All this will take place in a reconstructed pavilion, designed by the second Bauhaus director Hannes Meyer in the early 1940’s in Mexican exile together with his wife Lena Meyer-Bergner and the Mexican graphic design collective TGP.