20:30 Uhr

Fil der Protagonist & Jule Blumt

New Heimat Sounds Live
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Fil der Protagonist

The verses of rapper & psychology student Felix Nitsch are reliably introspective. Subject matter ranges from the ubiquitous pursuit of satisfaction to (internal) freefall. Literary role models such as Kendrick Lamar, Franz Kafka or Kurt Cobain provide guidance.

Aside from the strength of his lyrcis, Fil der Protagonist is also aware of the power of timbre: the band’s deep bond creates a potpourri of jazzy Rhodes harmonies, driving bass lines and percussive rhythms, faithful to both hip-hop as well as jazz, funk & rock. In this sense, powerfully conceptual lyrics come out against grooves that invite you to dance, nod your head or simply listen.



Jule Blumt

In the urban worlds of sweeping traffic, seedlings with ambitions of growth rise like trees – at the very least! Their fertilizer is music, a mixture of jazz and pop, paired with sophisticated, eloquent lyrics. Jule Blumt grows out of cracks in the pavement!

Maybe, this is the best description for a young project seeking to make a place for itself in the pulsating, urban arena. And as in the greening of the metropolitan area, Jule Blumt wishes to leave its mark and finally grow out of the rehearsal space.




New Heimat Sounds Live is funded by the Cultural Department of the City of Düsseldorf