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Five Days in March (Re-creation)

Toshiki Okada/chelfitsch
FFT Juta
As part of the Nippon Performance Nights Vol 6.
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Und so erzählt Okada keine Geschichten, er beschreibt einen Zustand. Den Zustand der jungen japanischen Gesellschaft, einer Gesellschaft des Stillstands.

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A generation of unmotivated young people drift through Tokyo’s nightlife, while the USA bombs Iraq on the other side of the world. In the early 2000’s, Toshiki Okada brought the world in a state of emergency to the stage as he rocked the aesthetic standards of Japanese theater. 15 years later, after the catastrophe of Fukushima, the scenario has changed radically: socially and political active young people today, who feel unable and unwilling in the age of the Internet to distance themselves from the wars of the world, speak out. Making it high time for a new edition: in “Five Days in March (Re-creation)”, Toshiki Okada/chelfitsch transports the piece from the past into today.


In japanese language with german and english subtitles 



Written & Directed by: Toshiki Okada. With: Chieko Asakura, Riki Ishikura, Yuri Itabashi, Ayaka Shibutani, Ayaka Nakama, Leon Kou Yonekawa, Manami Watanabe. Set: TORAFU ARCHITECTS. Costumes: Kyoko Fujitani (FAIFAI). Technical Director: Koro Suzuki. Lights: Tomomi Ohira (ASG), Satoko Koizumi. Music: Norimasa Ushikawa. Assistant Director: Mana Inukai. Production: chelfitsch, KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theatre. Coproduction: KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theatre, ROHM Theatre Kyoto, Kunstenfestivaldesarts. In cooperation with: Steep Slope Studio, Kinosaki International Arts Center.


Toshiki Okada founded chelfitsch in 1997. He writes and directs all productions. The company is acclaimed for its unique use of language and physicality. Five Days in March is a winner of the Kishida Kunio Drama Award. In 2007, the company toured this production outside of Japan for the first time. They have since been invited to show their pieces in over 70 cities worldwide.