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Game on Stage

Games, Performance, Immersion
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Games are the new theatre plays! Theatre turns into virtual reality more and more frequently these days, audiences become protagonists experiencing a theatre evening as a self-designed adventure. In this manner, narratives on social change through digitisation become easier to convey, in a new manner. So, they open the theatre space for new “playmates” while also confronting it with new challenges. Experts from Germany, Austria, Belgium and Russia will be working at the crossroads of gaming and theatre for a duration of three days, at the FFT. They will scrutinise questions on open source solutions for game theatre, possibilities for playful formats in cultural education or queer gaming in theatre, through open workshops and laboratory groups. Everyone is invited to join the discussion at the closing symposium. This will open with an impulse lecture titled “Empathy Challenge” by Rahel Spöhrer (The Agency), dramaturge and stipendiary at the Academy for Theatre and Digitality in Dortmund.


Game on Stage with: machina eX, The Agency, Invisible Playground, PlayField (Belgien), pulk fiktion, Out of the Box, Impressario (Russland), Das Planetenparty Prinzip (Österreich), VOLL:MILCH und vielen anderen. In Kooperation mit machina eX und dem Studiengang „Spiel && Objekt“ der Hochschule für Schauspielkunst Ernst Busch. „Game on Stage“ wird gefördert im Rahmen des Bündnisses internationaler Produktionshäuser von der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien. 


machina eX
machina eX forscht seit 2010 an der Schnittstelle von Theater und Computerspiel. Das siebenköpfige Medientheaterkollektiv kombiniert moderne Technologien mit Mitteln des klassischen Illusionstheaters und schafft so immersive spielbare Theaterstücke, die zugleich begehbare Computerspiele sind.
Friedrich Kirschner
Der Masterstudiengang Spiel && Objekt bildet die Notwendigkeit ab, neue Wege in der ästhetischen Praxis theatralen Erzählens zu untersuchen, Freiräume für Experimente zu schaffen und gleichzeitig fundiertes technisches und handwerkliches Wissen über Bühnenvorgänge zu erlangen. Friedrich Kirschner ist Leiter des Studiengangs, visueller Künstler, Software-Entwickler und Theaterregisseur.

Empathy Challenge 

Rahel Spöhrer

Impulsvortrag im Rahmen von Game on Stage

14.3., 10 Uhr


[…] is it possible, without changing our beliefs, to know others from the inside, to see reality through their eyes, to understand the links between life, feeling, and politics: that is: to cross the empathy wall

A. R. Hochild


Immersive performances enable a deep dive into artificial worlds and invite their audiences, in contrast to theatre practice, to constantly embody characters themselves. Does this embodiment enable us to momentarily perceive the world from the eyes of another and to develop empathy for hitherto unknown living realities? Can immersion become a tool for empathy training? Or do I mainly experience myself through this play? Rahel Spöhrer, dramaturge and THE AGENCY founding member, researches the possibilities and limitations of immersive experiences during her stipendiary stay at the Dortmund Academy for Theatre and Digitality. She asks if and how empathy can be trained in a theatre that functions by means of immersion. During her lecture, she provides insight into her research and tentatively invites all attendees to an “empathy training”.


Rahel Spöhrer
Rahel Spöhrer lives in and works out of Berlin. She is a dramaturge and co-founding member of THE AGENCY group. The group develops immersive performances that have been presented internationally. She conducts workshops on artistic research and staging manners of intimacy at the Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA). Rahel has been a stipendiary at the Academy for Theatre and Digitality in Dortmund since September 2019, doing research on the topic of “mixed feelings on demand, services of digital intimacy”.