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Elbers / Zhukov
Tanztheater mit Jugendlichen ab 14 Jahren
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Boo! To see and hear things that aren’t there. Things that entice and seduce. For “Gespenster” (“Ghosts”) a group of teenagers become secret observers of the city. The city, which begins when they leave the house: which they walk to school every day or around the city in their free time. Are there still invisible, mysterious places out there? Hideouts? Ghosts? As they search for ghosts, they become them themselves. Accompanied by choreographer Stefanie Elbers, author and director Oleg Zhukov and musician Kornelius Heidebrecht, they will then condense their observations from the time spent in public spaces for use on the stage to create a utopian and moving performance.

Concept, Choreography, Direction: Stefanie Elbers, Oleg Zhukov. Music: Kornelius Heidebrecht. Production Management: Michelle Mommertz. By and with: Anna Simon, Lucy Jahnke, Lilli Bloch, Frieda Küppers, Zoe Joelle Zimmermann, Nina Daumen, Paulina Weiland, Safija Dizdarevic, Jil van Gisteren, Lilly Sandberger, Marla-Alea Jeurink, Adel Szabo, Logan Kühn, Nikita Bauer, Elisabeth Schwarz, Hannah Pütz

Choreographer Stefanie Elbers and actor and director Oleg Zhukov have been working together since 2005. Their youth projects produce pieces for the stage that combine dance, language and sound. Their approach focuses on the artistic participation of the teenagers, whose experiences and life worlds are the starting point of collaborative artistic creation. Kornelius Heidebrecht studied sound and image technology at the Robert-Schumann University for Music in Düsseldorf. He has worked as a composer and sound designer for drama and dance since 2008, and also as a stage musician and live performer. He has composed e.g. for the Schauspielhaus Zürich and the Deutsche Theater Berlin, as well as on a regular basis for the Schauspiel Frankfurt.