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Great Depressions

as part of Impulse Theater Festival 2019
Jan Philipp Stange
FFT Juta
Duration: ca. 70 min. / German with English surtitles
15 € Vorverkauf / 18 € Abendkasse
8 € Vorverkauf / 10 € Abendkasse (erm.)

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Special on 20.06. after the performance:
Audience discussion in German with the artists and Rüdiger Jähne, advisor to the SKM Bundesverband on working with boys and men. Chaired by: Wilma Renfordt, dramaturg, Impulse Theater Festival

GREAT DEPRESSIONS links the story of the performer Malte Scholz’s personal experience of depression with the historical narrative of the discovery of Neandertal man, who, contrary to previous assumptions, was not an aggressive loner but lived in a caring and solidary community. Scholz expresses his thoughts on a high performance society, depression and masculinity. He searches for the emotion behind a controlled façade. He asks how it is that he is still alive and able to share this evening with the audience. Meanwhile the musician Jacob Bussmann sits at the organ in a mammoth costume singing extremely tender versions of hits from the baroque to the present day.


A show that does not try to be anything more than an individual portrait yet creates an image of universal beauty: here it can be enough for a person simply to be present and to have withstood the rigours of the world..

With: Jacob Bussmann and Malte Scholz plus Elias Bollinger, Siria Ertel, Špela Mastnak and Sebastian Weygold. Direction: Jan Philipp Stange. Stage design: Jakob Engel. Dramaturgy: Kris Merken. Costumes: Maylin Habig. Technical direction: Simon Möllendorf, Nils Wildegans
Music: Jacob Bussmann. Text: Kris Merken, Malte Scholz, Jan Philipp Stange. Assistant stage designer: Sean Mullan. Production manager: Carmen Salinas. A Stange Produktionen project supported by studioNAXOS, the City of Frankfurt Cultural Department, Kulturfonds Rhein-Main and the Naspa Stiftung.

Jan Philipp Stange is a director, writer and performer. He studied Literature, Philosophy, Directing and Theatre Studies. His productions operate around a theatre of failure. In 2014 he co-founded studioNAXOS in Frankfurt, and has been part of its Leading Team ever since. His most recent productions include ‘Combina’, an adaptation of Bertolt Brecht’s ‘Messingkauf’ (2015, Ringlokschuppen Ruhr), ‘Daily News’ (2016, studioNAXOS), the operetta ‘Blue Mask’ (2017, Theater Osnabrück), the spacewalk ‘All in All’ (2017, Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, Frankfurt) and ‘The Weather’ (2018, Thalia Theater, Hamburg).