10:00 Uhr

Hannah Arendt auf der Bühne | Hannah Arendt on stage

as part of Spielarten 2019
AGORA Theater
Theater für alle ab 10 Jahren
FFT Kammerspiele

4 December, 1975. Hannah Arendt sits at her desk, focused, working on her book “The Life of the Mind”. She does not know, as no one could have known: This would have been the last day of her life. Out of nowhere, a girl appears, introducing herself as “also a Hannah”. Hannah Arendt is irritated by the girl’s question if she is making up words.

Words. What can one do with them? Tell a story. Yes. And more. They are a means to judge, to start anew, again and again, to create a new world worth living in – also and especially in the face of dark times. As a practical thinker, Hannah Arendt accepts the challenge. She takes the girl Hannah to see a theatre play. Arendt’s thinking and theatre meet: Theatre is a school for judgment, a firm base – characters, words, images, scenes -, to deal with humanities’ great questions of life and death. Big Hannah introduces little Hannah to her idols, to the traditions that inform her thinking, to the authorities that sharpened her thinking. In the theatre, they both meet Aristotle. They experience the Greek polis that has banned the wolf that threatens communal life in freedom, and they encounter an unworldly fox, privatising in his burrow instead of preparing for the wolf’s return.

The staging guides a young audience, but rather also every other audience, towards Hannah Arendt’s thinking, follows both Hannahs through the theatre and calls out the historic catastrophe that forced the Jew Hannah Arendt to flee the Nazis from Germany.

Play: Wellington Barros, Karen Bentfeld / Annika Serong, Galia De Backer / Ninon Perez, Roland Schumacher. Technical direction: Céline Leuchter / Joé Keil. Scenography & masks: Céline Leuchter. Light design: Clemens Hörlbacher. Sound: Christopher Hafer. Costumes: Petra Kather. Musical direction: Wellington Barros. Videography: Conny Klar. Poster and graphics: Nicolas Zupfer. Assistant direction: Susi Muller. Dramaturgy: Felix Ensslin and Sascha Wolters. Direction: Ania Michaelis. Text: Ania Michaelis with Felix Ensslin, based on Marion Muller-Colard‘s children’s book of the same name. Idea: Sascha Wolters. Artistic direction AGORA: Kurt Pothen

An AGORA Theatre production in cooperation with Montagne Magique (B), Comedia Theater (GER), Hannah Arendt Tage (GER), Theater im Pavillon (GER), Theaterwerkstatt Hannover (GER), Mierscher Kulturhaus (LU), TAK Theater Liechtenstein (LI), Luaga & Losna (A).