20:00 Uhr

INGRID #54 (Anti Gone gone with Anita)

As part of the international performance series “Eve of Destruction”
Discoteca Flaming Star
FFT Juta
19€/11€ (erm)

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Born in Spain during dictator Franco’s reign, Ingrid had a loose relation to Germany. She was addicted to slot machines and alcohol. She is all of us. The groundwork for this newly developed performance at the FFT is the INGRID work that has been ongoing since 2003, a dense layering of tragedy, comedy and pathos. Like the chorus leader in Slavoj Žižek’s Die drei Leben der Antigone, Discoteca Flaming Star assume that life is lacking in wholeness, yet it wants to confront us with a complete image. With the Ingrid character as a vessel, the artists attempt to build musical and visual spaces in which different narrations and bodies converge in order to understand this life together.

Discoteca Flaming Star is an interdisciplinary collaborative artist group utilising songs and other forms of oral tradition statement, understanding them to be personal replies to historical events as well as to social and political circumstance. The group creates sculptures, performances, video works, drawings, stages and situations by means of conceptional, visual and musical translation. Discoteca Flaming Star speaks in alien tongues and languages that animate activity and argumentation. Cristina Gómez Barrio and Wolfgang Meyer have been Discoteca Flaming Star’s core members since 1998.

By and featuring: Discoteca Flaming Star. Cristina Gómez Barrio (Electric Bass), Wolfgang Mayer (Vocals), Sara Pereira (Electronics), Sofia Lomba (Drums)