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King Dragon or How to Write a Letter?

As part of Spielarten Festival 2018
AGORA Theater
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The queen wants a child! She eats both roses, although the old woman in the forest told her specifically to only take one. The queen thought that maybe she would have twins. But what the queen really got is a little dragon. How to become a man? How a woman? How to love? Only the clever shepherd’s daughter manages not to be eaten. Love happens – until the Red Knight reshuffles the cards and an exchange of letters leads to a battle of life and death.


Featuring: Viola Streicher. Directed and written by: Ania Michaelis. Set Design: Céline Leuchter. Costumes: Petra Kather. Theater Pedagogy: Katja Wiefel. Production Assistant: Roland Schumacher. Dramaturgy: Ulrike Carl. In coproduction with the studiobühne Köln


As an independent and professional touring theater group playing all year round, AGORA performs over 230 shows per year across Europe and momentarily totals 40 members. From 1980 until 2016, AGORA produced 45 pieces for young audiences and adults, mostly in-house, and played around 4800 times in 35 countries in front of over 750 000 spectators. Currently, their repertoire features nine productions in German and eight productions in French. 


AGORA always develops its pieces in German and French, sometimes also in Dutch and English. The theater produces pieces that question the present and are meant to inspire the audience to actively and creatively deal with life and society. The ensemble seeks dialog with the audience.