11:00 Uhr

Cultivated Breakfast with Akiko Okamoto

FFT Juta

In our series “Nippon Performance Nights”, we present artistic positions by artists from Japan, curated by Akiko Okamoto. At the Cultivated Breakfast, she will give some insights into the work of Michikazu Matsune, who will be visiting her in January 2018 (18 – 27 Jan) in her flat to perform his Homesick Festival together with other artists from Düsseldorf.


Every third Friday in the month, FFT Düsseldorf serves up an “early slice of culture”. As a production house for professional independent performing arts, the FFT has been tracking down current tendencies in the arts since 1999. The artists working here transcend boundaries, combine genres and experiment with new ideas and formats. During the Cultivated Breakfast, we wish to introduce these people and their work to our audiences. We invite artists to every event whose productions are shown shortly afterwards on one of our stages. The breakfast provides space for questions, criticism, suggestions and requests. And of course, a hot cup of coffee with cookies.

To attend, please contact: grawinkel@fft-duesseldorf.de


Attendance is free. Please register to attend at Tel. 0211 – 87 67 87 0 or per e-mail to info@fft-duesseldorf.de.