20:00 Uhr
20:00 Uhr

LIFFT III: HorrOr What?!

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Hell, probably, is the more exciting spot. At least, it never gets boring. Right on schedule for Halloween, Konglomerat LIFFT tackles horror, the modern-day equivalent of the fairy tale.

In a workshop process, authors Stephan Kaluza, Jan Grashof, Georg Schiller as well as Verena and Mathias Meis developed five new texts that weave a blood-red thread on the terrors that surround us and the monsters dwelling within ourselves. The result is a many-voiced theatre evening between lust and horror, an evening that will continue at home with guaranteed sleeplessness.

Konglomerat is a collective that brings together representatives of visual arts and theatre, of literature and science in Düsseldorf and beyond. Currently, it involves Jan Grashof, Stephan Kaluza, Verena and Mathias Meis, Jürgen Mühle and Georg Schiller.