10:00 Uhr

Mission Laika

as part of Spielarten 2019
Theater Marabu
Theater für alle ab 6 Jahren
FFT Juta

Space. The final frontier. A mission heads into space in search for Laika, the first creature to orbit Earth, long before people followed her on this path. The adventurous journey passes Sun, Moon and stars, crossing beyond the Milky Way, into distant galaxies. Black holes and encounters of a special kind challenge the crew in a big way.

We look for the stories that got swallowed by the black holes of world history in a joyful game of real and fictitious notions on the universe. A space adventure between documentary theatre, performance and infotainment.

Concept, performance: Tina Jücker, Bene Neustein, Claus Overkamp. Facilities: Regina Rösing and ensemble. Theatre pedagogy: Melina Delpho, Tina Jücker, Kai Gerschlauer. Musical support: Guido Preuß. Video support: Norman Grotegut, Nele Jeromin