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Museum of Lungs

Hardy / Mounir / Muyanga / Soliman
FFT Juta
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Da ist Hardys luzide, zärtliche Sprache. Ihre zurückhaltende, so selbstverständliche wirkende Art, sehr Persönliches vor Publikum zu sagen. Da ist ihr Alter Ego, die auseinandernehmbare Puppe, die seltsame Distanz schafft. Da sind die Schattenspiele und die leise fliessende Musik, die «Museum of Lungs» zu einem theatralischen Kleinod machen.

BZ Basel über “Museum of Lungs”


“Museum of Lungs” is a heartfelt and haunting performance about illness, fragility and vulnerability as a core of strength, based on the personal history of South African author, activist and performer Stacy Hardy. For eight years, she lived with an undiagnosed ailment until doctors diagnosed her with tuberculosis. In collaboration with director Laila Soliman, Hardy tells her story against the social-historical backdrop of South Africa. She focuses on the body as it relates to race, gender and the systemic violence of healthcare and political systems. Neo Muyanga and Nancy Mounir musically accompany Hardy’s performance live and she is also joined on stage by her own puppet doppelganger, created by Basle puppeteer Marius Kob. 



Text & Performance: Stacy Hardy. Composition & Live Music: Nancy Mounir, Neo Muyanga. Directed by: Laila Soliman. Scenography: Moira Gilliéron. Puppet: Marius Kob. Art Work: Bassem Yousry. Lighting Design: Mirjam Berger. Tech: Thomas Kohler, Mirjam Berger. Production & Tour: Franziska Schmidt, produktionsDOCK. Coproduced by: FFT Düsseldorf, Kaaitheater Brüssel, Kaserne Basel and HAU Berlin. Funded by: Fachausschuss Tanz&Theater BS/BL, Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia, Goethe-Institut South Africa.


Laila Soliman is an Egyptian theater director and playwright based in Cairo. Her work has been shown in Egypt, Tunisia, Lebanon, Syria and in Europe. Some of her most important works are “The Retreating World” (2004), “Ghorba, images of alienation” (2006) and “…At your service!” (2009). 


Stacy Hardy is an author, teacher and researcher from South Africa. She works as a research associate, editor and most recently co-publisher of the Pan-African journal Chimurenga since 2008. In addition, she has received worldwide recognition for her short stories and other publications. 


Nancy Mounir is a musician/music producer and sound engineer. She has attended workshops with Grammy-Award winners Fathi Salama, Kamilya Gubran, Alsa Elkashef, Mafdi Thabet and others. In addition, she has performed at a wide range of local venues and international festivals, such as the “Inferno Music Festival” in Norway and the “Cornerstone Festival” in the USA.


During the 1980’s, Neo Muyanga sang in public choirs and only later – in the early 1990’s – discovered the madrigal style in Trieste, Italy. He is a co-founder of the acoustic soul duo BLK Sonshine with Masauko Chipembre and has worked with a series of cult artists, such as the Royal Shakespeare Company (The Tempest 2009).