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21:00 Uhr

Nora oder ein Altenheim (Nora or an old people’s home)

as part of west off
Follow Us
FFT Juta
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Here you can find the complete west off programm (9. – 11. jan 2020).

Follow Us transports Ibsen’s most prominent female character into present times, relocating her – in total accordance with our time’s demographic change – to an old people’s home. Just as in Nora’s doll’s house, we find no lack of rigid structures and paternalism. But following the motto “nothing to lose – nothing to expect”, a space for possibilities also opens up. Might one be finally able to live out one’s lingering desires, liberated from norms and commitments? Will an individual’s actual reality not shine until the term future is purged from the vocabulary? Between the smell of cake and the refrigerator, cosy ingles and icy snow flurries, the audience will be confronted with various fantasies about a possible future for all of us: the “old people’s home”.

Annina Machaz and Mira Kandathil / Follow Us met during their acting studies in Bern. They won the Premio Up-And-Coming Award with their first joint performance about icons Marylin Monroe and Amy Winehouse, subsequently touring Switzerland with this production. Their second production “Ask the Oracle” premiered in Zurich at the start of 2018. Annina Machaz and Mira Kandathil are performers, stage directors and writers of their own material. Apart from their theatre productions, they also gained recognition from their social media activism, through the hashtag #WirsSindBesserAlsCastorf, for example.

Text, Direction, Dramaturgy, Stage, Performance: Annina Machaz, Mira Kandathil. Production Management: Miriam Walther Kohn, Laeticia Blättler. Camera, Editing: Ari Zehnder, Nathalie Kamber, Janos Mehnberg. Light Design: Benjamin Hauser. Technical Direction: Lukas Sander. Pyrotechnics: Urs Bruderer. Sound Effects: Stefan Schneider. A Follow Us production in co-production with Gessnerallee Zürich, Freischwimmen and SOPHIENSÆLE. Supported by Stadt Zürich Kultur. Freischwimmen is a production platform for performance and theatre, carried by brut WienFFT DüsseldorfGessnerallee ZürichSchwankhalle BremenSophiensæle Berlin and Theater Rampe Stuttgart. Festival Freischwimmer*innen. The Future is F*e*m*a*l*e* receives support by the Senate Department for Culture and European Affairs / All-Genre Support for city-relevant festivals and the Berlin Capital City Cultural Fund. Media Partner: Ask Helmut, ExBerliner, Flux FM, Missy Magazine, taz. die tageszeitung, Zitty.