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Once I set foot outside

Marlin de Haan & Ayşe Draz
FFT Juta
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Public space that belongs to all: Does it still exist? Where was it? Where is it? Where should it be? Düsseldorf director and visual artist Marlin de Haan and Istanbul Istanbul-based dramaturge and theater maker Ayşe Draz asked 50 people from Germany and Turkey to tell them their memories and visions of public spaces. In a sophisticated spatial installation, three performers combine situations, texts and fragments from the interviews as they confront us with our own private issues with public spaces. The installation can be accessed at three different times of day. If you want, you can come several times and experience new situations every time.


Artistic Directors: Marlin de Haan & Ayşe Draz. With: Gizem Bilgen, Canan Yücel Pekiçten, Erkan Uyanıksoy. Lights: Simon Möllendorf. Coproduction: FFT Düsseldorf, A Corner in the World X Bomonentia ALT/Istanbul. Funded by the Kunststiftung NRW, the Institute of Foreign Relations (ifa), the NRW Ministry for Culture and Science and the NRW Landesbüro Freie Darstellende Künste. Supported by: the Suna and Inan Kirac Foundation, SALT Galata/Istanbul.


Marlin de  Haan  and Ayşe  Draz met in 2016/2017 during Marlin de Haan’s Artist-in-Residence in Istanbul  (Kunststiftung  NRW). Ayse  Draz  lives and works as a performer and dramaturge in Istanbul.  Both as a performer, as well as researcher, her interests extend beyond theater to encompass dance, visual arts, as well as uncategorized intersections of all artistic genres. Marlin de Haan from Düsseldorf produces pieces for the stage, performances and films, implements theater spaces, exhibitions and interactions, both in artistic, as well as in public spaces.