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the Evacuation of the Present // Performance in the “Who’s speaking?” series
Claudia Bosse
FFT Juta
Duration: 90 min and more // language: German, English, French
19€/11€ erm.

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What if we carried our future within our organs? The Babylonian as well as the Etruscan people conducted extispicy to learn about the political future from the entrails of killed animals. Do our organs, too, allow for a glimpse into cosmic constellations and coming decisions and communities? As artist and director Claudia Bosse’s first solo, ORACLE and SACRIFICE 1 fingers for the inward and the outward of the body and the world.

Together with accomplices* and organs, the performance opens a space in which the victims*, the future, and the identities of current subjectivisation are handed a challenge. Nothing less than our bodies, our organs, their relations with the world, dead meat, all this is at stake.

Why do we think our voices are as unique as a fingerprint? Who decides whom to silence and who gets to raise his* or her* voice? In the international coproduction series “Who is speaking?”, the voice and the body become the jumping-off points for a changed rapport between ourselves and the world. Artists* from Sweden, Canada, Australia, Austria, the Netherlands and Germany probe for new relationships between humans and other actors*. Additionally, they test unusual forms of collaboration that not only change each individual, but also generate different, future means of cooperation. Siegmar Zacharias, Neha Chriss, Eroca Nichols, Mithu Sanyal and Steve Heather, Iggy Lond Malmborg, Keren Levi and Claudia Bosse – work with radical body practices and utilise different hacking methods that question the power of that which we perceive as “normal” or “natural”. The “Who is speaking?” series tries out new forms of being together in theatre. The audience is invited to rediscover their own perception and capacity to act. With this, the FFT does not only continue its work on pots-humanistic, de-colonial and queer-feminist artistic strategies, it also actively experiments with a changing theatre in the (post-)pandemic era.

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Claudia Bosse
Claudia Bosse (Germany/ Austria) lives in both Vienna and Berlin, is a director, choreographer, visual artist and the director of theatercombinat. Her works negotiate forms of violence, history and concrete utopia. She views her voluminous choreographies, in which she intertwines myth, rituals, texts and documents with bodies, language, objects and choirs, in order to ultimately join them together in space-specific pieces, as “art in a temporary community”. In Europe and abroad, in museums, in architecture, theatres and urban spaces, she develops works and interventions, or she teaches, also as a guest lecturer. Since 2011, installation works in debate with archives and museum collections have kept emerging, most currently the last ideal paradise in Jakarta, (as well as at the deutsche tanzplattform/ German Dance Platform in Essen), thyestes brüder! kapital in Vienna and Düsseldorf. www.theatercombinat.com 

Concept and Performance: Claudia Bosse. Accomplices*: Günther Auer, Claudia Bosse, Mun Wai Lee, Jonas Tonnhofer, Julia Zastava. Outside Eye: Fanti Baum, Philipp Gehmacher. Production: Dagmar Tröstler. Technical Direction: Marco Tölzer. Photographer*: Eva Würdinger. A theatercombinat production in coproduction with Tanzquartier Wien and FFT Düsseldorf. Supported by Wien Kultur. Supported by the Kunststiftung NRW as part of the “Who is speaking?” coproduction series.