20:00 Uhr
20:30 Uhr

Perfect Romance

as part of ON/LIVE 2019
The Agency und Leif Randt
FFT Juta
Sprachen: Deutsch, Englisch
19€/11€ (erm.)

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Do you dream of passionate cinematic kisses and love happy endings? Then come dive into your personal Perfect Romance! At this Pop-Up Club in Düsseldorf, you can sink into romantic situations with specially trained lovers. The group The Agency and author Leif Randt explore the narratives of romantic love and the ways in which they are entangled in neoliberal and patriarchal structures. Which norms and how much capitalization do our romantic ideals contain? The spectators become clients of the Perfect Romance Corporation to experience a club night, in which nothing is left to chance.


WITH Stacyian Jackson, Malte Sundermann, Lara Scherrieble, Adela Bravo Sauras THE AGENCY Magdalena Emmerig, Belle Santos, Rahel Spöhrer, Yana Thönnes PERFECT ROMANCE BOT Leif Randt  SOUND Nile Koetting PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT Sofie Luckhardt ASSISTANT SETTING, COSTUMES Josefine Gindorf

THE AGENCY are Rahel Gloria Spöhrer, Yana Eva Thönnes, Belle Santos and Magdalena Emmerig. THE AGENCY is interested in the narratives of neoliberalism, hardcore fiction, the critical potential of over-affirmation, the emotional side effects of service society and post-Internet intimacy.