22:00 Uhr

PMS Lounge – Huldigung eines Zustands

as part of Impulse Theater Festival 2019
Charlotte Pfeifer
FFT Kammerspiele
Duration: ca. 2 h 20 min / German
15 € Vorverkauf / 18 € Abendkasse
8 € Vorverkauf / 10 € Abendkasse (erm.)

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Special on 22.6. after the performance:
Party with Pascal Fuhlbrügge

An evening in the company of musicians, performers, designers and visual artists who have devised the PMS LOUNGE together with the director Charlotte Pfeifer. In an environment in between an installation, club and theatre space they and the audience experience changing moods, rummage through scientific studies and contradictory information, and over the course of the evening transform the idea and the phenomenon of PMS. Behind this lies an awkward question which might make the entire show implode: Might PMS possibly not exist? This cluster of various symptoms that nobody can classify properly might just as easily be caused by stress, working conditions, the day of the week or family circumstances! But then it gets really sick: the PMS LOUNGE turns away from individuals and their hormones and addresses society. And if there are times when nothing happens? Then we can’t stand that either, so let’s have a Party! Mixed Drinks! Show! P!M!S!

Performance und Installation: Fehmi Baumbach. Performance und Musik: Pascal Fuhlbrügge. Performance und pheromonale Kommunikation: Judith Huber. Performance und Hasspredigt: Svenja Ipsen. Performance und Style: Gwendolyn Jenkins. Performance und Organisation: Stefanje Meyer. Performance und Regie: Charlotte Pfeifer. Performance und Dramaturgie: Susanne Reifenrath. Performance und Bratsche: Swantje Tessmann. Performance und / and Wrestling: Marc von Henning. Funded by the Fonds Darstellende Künste e.V. and the Elbkulturfonds Hamburg.

Charlotte Pfeifer is interested in extending the stage situation in an interplay of art, music, audio drama and performance. She began work as an actor and subsequently became a dramaturg and director. She now amalgamates various roles for projects on everyday topics, science fiction and rubbish and likes to devise these as part of a group. PMS-LOUNGE — HULDIGUNG EINES ZUSTANDS(PMS-LOUNGE — TRIBUTE TO A CONDITION) won the Audience Prize and the Jury Prize at the Hauptsache Frei Festival in 2018. Pfeifer produces self-devised children’s plays and happenings with the interdisciplianry group of artists TRAUMMASCHiNE Inc.