14:00 Uhr

Regierungstechniken und Theater (Techniques of Government and Theater)

Evelyn Annuß in conversation with Sebastian Kirsch and Kathrin Tiedemann
As part of the 14th Conference of the Society for Theater Studies “Theater and Technology”
Polnisches Institut, Citadellstraße 7, 40213 Düsseldorf

Dr. Evelyn Annuß presents her book “Volksschule des Theaters – Nationalsozialistische Massenspiele” (Wilhelm Fink Verlag, 2018) in conversation with theater scholar Dr. Sebastian Kirsch.


Populist mass games were developed after the Nazi’s rise to power as a people’s school of theater. These modern choreographies were meant to evoke, form and steer collective desires. In the process, their aesthetic fundamentally transformed from choric theater, based on liturgy and collective performance, to spectacular events.


Evelyn Annuß examines the governmental dimension of NS-mass theater, analyzes shifts in the contemporaneous media dispositive, international as well as domestic competition and the contradictory relationship between propaganda and artistic avant-garde.


Evelyn Annuß is a scholar of literature and theater and currently guest professor at the Free University Berlin’s Institute for Theater Studies. Her research focuses e.g. on “Performances in Ethnic Drag”. Habilitation in Bochum on NS-mass games and doctorate from Erfurt on Elfriede Jelinek. Her main areas of interest are e.g. popular and Global Performance Cultures, theater and media history, staged politics and the aesthetic history of non-protagonist forms of representation. In addition, she has worked as a curator (Stagings Made in Namibia, e.g. National Art Gallery of Namibia/Berlin Bethanien, Palais des Nation, Geneva). In 2017, she co-initiated the petition “Renegotiate the Future of the Volksbühne”.