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20:00 Uhr

Save the Last Trance for Me

or: How My Aunt’s Tremor Saves Our Inner Cities
matthaei & konsorten
FFT Juta
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There will be an introduction on September 21 at 7.30 pm with Prof. Martin Zillinger and an after show talk with Prof. Zillinger and Mohamed Amjahid.


After “Songbook Oberbilk”, a series of audio portraits for the public realm and smartphone, matthaei & konsorten followed the path of Moroccan migration through further European cities. On the trail of trance ritual, they find stories of personal success and social slander, Western yearning and Moroccan transformation. Finally in Morocco itself, old healing rites and African music traditions meet on the fast-paced market of world music. In an evening with performers from Casablanca and Brussels, that is simultaneously concert and lecture-performance, Matthaei draws the audience into a strange story of globetrotters and people possessed, of old wars and healing states of ecstasy.

Set Design: Dorothea Ronneburg. Music & Audio Design: Abdellah M. Hassak. Interactive Video Design: Yacine Sebti. Outside Eye: Nicolas Galeazzi. Translations & Research Collaborator: Saida Rochdanie. Staging & Performance: Jörg Lukas Matthaei. Funded by the Alliance of International Production Houses. Partner: Eine Welt Forum Düsseldorf



Lukas Matthaei works since 2000 under the label matthaei & konsorten with artists of different disciplines on projects that range from pieces for the stage, installations and discursive productions to the development of new formats for urban landscapes, which have been his main focus over the last years. The projects are based on extensive research in specific communities & diverse realities, which produce the politics of the works: who becomes visible, whose language and actions shape the production that the recipients find themselves involved in? 

Abdellah M. Hassak is a sound artist and music producer from Casablanca. Thematically, he situates his work between digital technology, data processing and interactive design. He mainly draws his inspiration from the soundscapes of different places and cities and their chaos. So far his works have been shown in several exhibitions and at festivals, such as the Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival, Cairo, the 5th Edition of the Marrakesh Biennale, the Montalvo Arts Festival in Canada, the Supercopy Festival in Mannheim, Port25, Raum für Gegenwartskunst in Mannheim, at the Saout Radio and SAVVY Funk Berlin. https://hassak.net