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City as Factory #2

Ways in which digital platforms change public infrastructures
Konferenz, Exkursion, Installation
Ort wird noch bekannt gegeben.

More information about time, date and line-up will be announced soon. 

You only notice them, when they don’t work: the networks and infrastructures that keep our urban daily lives running. Electricity and water supplies, trash collection, public transportation, etc. They are all already also part of the digitalized world of things – what some call “Smart City”. The promise of comfort and mobility in the interconnected city lets us easily overlook that it also serves to commercially collect and exploit our data and that the “Smart City” is always also a “Controlled City”. The three-day program “City as Factory #2” deals with the transformation of urban infrastructures in an age of platform capitalism. It combines local with global perspectives, artistic practices with the possibilities of a new “platform communism” and discusses approaches to reviving urban democracy