19:30 Uhr

Still Standing

as part of west off
FFT Juta
Language: German
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Here you can find the complete west off programm (9. – 11. jan 2020).

Locu&Ruth just stand around. For a long time. In different spots. Motionless. They occupy a small piece of earth with their feet, just letting things happen. A void opens up. A potential of infinite possibilities for action emerges. Locu&Ruth document their locations systematically, with a film camera. Permanently and on short notice. Local residents combine into a scene of uncertain outcome. Delicate or brute.


Still Standing means topically taking stock, between everyday life and large events, absurdity and seriousness, projection and live performance, devotion and destruction, narration and repetition, standstill and action. Here and now. For “west off” 2019, the artistic duo translates their filmed archive into a stage format with intense effect. The standing on film, the standing on stage focusses the gaze on the smallest differences, on barely perceptible impulse and perspective change with surprise. The “taking a stand for something”, the “having a standpoint”, the “having both feet firmly on the ground”, they all become an insistent appeal to look more closely.

The passion for excessively standing around brought Locu&Ruth together, and since June 2018, it also forms the centre of their first joint effort.


Marlene Ruther holds a degree in political sciences as well as in theatre studies while also currently studying scenic research in Bochum. She is interested in the intersection of ecology and art; mainly researching, rehearsing and staging outdoors. As a human who is fond of movement, she works as a performer for a host of different artists.


Locuratolo studies liberal arts. She positions herself as a filmic painter and sculpture in life’s space. In her works, she broaches the issues of awareness and body, movement and standstill, transformation and life – in harmony with nature. She completed her B.A. in a social works study course with an emphasis on international policy, and her M.A. in development management in Cape Town, Ecuador, Argentina, Israel, Russia and elsewhere. She was taught at Freiburg’s dance school for improvisation and performance.


Michael Maurissens (Mentoring) was born in Brussels, where he also started his dance training. He went on to study dance at the Heinz-Bosl-Stiftung in Munich from 1991 until 1992 and at the Swiss Ballettberufsschule in Zurich from 1992 until 1993, with aid provided by the Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation, going on to work at engagements with Nuremberg Ballet/ Tanzwerk Nürnberg, Ballett Freiburg, pretty ugly, Nationaltheater Mannheim and Pretty Ugly Tanz Köln in Cologne. He worked with Amanda Miller, William Forsythe, Katy Duck, Hideto Heshiki, Martin Sonderkamp, Dominique Dumais, Georg Reischl, and others. He founded MichaelDouglas Kellektiv with his colleague Douglas Bateman in 2009, centred around a core of five performers who consistently form new connections for different activities – with familiar and yet-to-be discovered dancers, choreographers, musicians and a wide-ranging, collaborative system of institutional partners.

With: Marlene Ruther and Locuratolo. Mentor: Michael Maurissens. Photo: Locu&Ruth. A co-production by Locu&Ruth with theaterimballsaal Bonn as a commission for “west off 2019 – Theaternetzwerk Rheinland“. Supported by the Cultural Offices of the Cities of Bonn, Düsseldorf and Cologne as well as by the Ministry for Culture and Sciences of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.