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Tag H

As part of the Nippon Performance Nights
Werft 77, Reisholzer Werftstraße 75
16€ / 10€ (erm.)

September 3rd, 1967 was “Day H” in Sweden. The H stands for “högertrafikomläggningen”, a switch from left-hand to right-hand traffic. While road signs were being changed, all traffic came to a standstill for several hours. It probably took a whole lot longer for all road users to change their prior habits. Conceptual artist miu takes “Day H” as the starting point for a poetic performance about habits and adapting: a lefty, whose is forced to use his right hand all his life, desires nothing more than to have the world mirrored. He develops the “H” machine, a perception transformer, whose test run turns into a catastrophe. 


Concept, Text, Sound and Direction: miu. Performers: Soya Arakawa, Pia Tomoko Meid, Bastian Nonnenberg, Kenji Shinohe, Daniel Werner. Dramaturgical Collaborator: Alice Ferl. Choreographic Collaborator: Yuko Kaseki. Artistic Collaborators: Marie Ogoshi, Mizuki Kin. Technical Advisor: Peter Bellinghausen. Management: Akiko Okamoto. Production: miu. Co-production: FFT Düsseldorf. Funded by the Cultural Department of the City of Düsseldorf


miu (Ryutaro Mimura), born 1976 in Japan, works as a conceptual artist, composer and performer. He studied sonology and electronic music at Kunitachi College of Music (Tokyo) and at the Koninklijk Conservatory (Den Haag). In 2001, he began working as an independent artist. Drawing on an extensive repertoire of different intercultural experiences, his work deals with different types of existence such as parallel identities and bilingualism. After time in Den Haag, London, Bochum and Ulm, he moved to Düsseldorf four years ago. milch-labor.com

In Japanese and German.