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Claudia Bosse/theatercombinat
Botschaft, Worringer Platz 4
as part of „Eve of Destruction“
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A relapse into original chaos, triggered by a crime that is so inconceivably atrocious it might well unhinge the world itself, that is what the choir describes in Senenca’s tragedy “Thyestes”. Based on Durs Grünbein’s translation, Claudia Bosse develops a walk-in space staging for the embassy at Worringer Platz. The circle of violence and vengeance in which brothers Thyestes and Atreus are tangled up in is spaced out into a precise text choreography by five performers, and then confronted with passages by Karl Marx: The circulation of humans, capital, commodities and history that gambles on our present’s future.

Concept, space, direction: Claudia Bosse. By/with: Lilly Prohaska (Tantalus + choir), Rotraud Kern (Fury + Choir), Nic Lloyd (Thyestes + choir), Mun Wai Lee (Atreus + choir), Alexandra Sommerfeld (Messenger + choir). Direction youth choir: Constance Cauers (Junges Volkstheater). Sound: Günther Auer. Technical direction: Marco Tölzer. Critical witness: Reinhold Görling. Assistant director: Dagmar Tröstler. Intern: Ella Felber. Press: Barbara Pluch. Communication: Michael Franz Woels. Production management: Alexander Matthias Kosnopfl
A production by theatercombinat in coproduction with FFT Düsseldorf, supported by Wien Kultur. Cooperation with Junges Volkstheater and am Kempelenpark
We wish to thank phace – contemporary music for their support. Rights: Suhrkamp Theater Verlag

Funded by Kunststiftung NRW as a part of “Eve of Destruction”.

theatercombinat, founded in 1996, is a company that produces independent art and theatre works, under the direction of Vienna-based artist, choreographer and director Claudia Bosse. She develops installations and works for museums, architectural edifices, theatres and city spaces internationally. Those productions create new spaces for action and perception in the realm of (experimental) theatre between installation, (spatial) choreography, urban intervention, generating political hybrids due to their constantly site-specific setting with special constellations for different public audiences.