20:30 Uhr


FFT Kammerspiele
Doors: 8.30 pm, Start: 9 pm
VVK: 9,- / AK: 12,-

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While pretty plastered, members of FINDUS, HERRENMAGAZIN and LOVE A founded a new band. What? TRIXSI? Isn’t that a cat’s name?


Due to the musicians‘ age and mildness, this gang of habitual drunkards from Hamburg prefer to write their music in a midtempo Pixies and Weezer style. Here and there a little weirdness glimpses through and reaches out to everyone’s desire to stand out from mainstream German guitar pop – and before you know it, there’ll be a quick punk beat crashing the party. Towering over this harmony there’ll always be Mechenbier’s voice shouting out his critical, humorous coping method in this country full of defensive egotists – that’s all he’s talented in anyways.


TRIXSI are yesterday‘s grunge kids, with today’s credit issues.

Honest working class rock music, played by criminal slackers.