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Keren Levi
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without language
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Anyone can break being mute. Even if it is done with the body. In UNMUTE, Israeli choreographer Keren Levi brings together three dancers* from company NeverLike and two musicians* from ensemble Slagwerk Den Haag. The performers* wear sensors on their bodies and become music machines, cyborgs of sound, through their movements. Additionally, computer-generated voices are thrown into the mix, seemingly conversing in futuristic languages. The material for this soundscape is actually from the “Endangered Languages Archive” at London University. This multimedia collection houses more than 450 languages that are on the brink of extinction. We do not have to concentrate on content or meaning of language while watching and listening. The abstract choreography transforms the pure desire for communication into sound and movement. In this manner, Levi opens unforeseen spaces for that which can be said and heard. A technological miracle! With an added political dimension: UNMUTE is a music-dance-performance against being hushed.


Organically merging body and sound – this is a lifelong topic for Israeli choreographer Keren Levi. A topic which she, time and again, dares to bring into unexplored territory. Most recently, she made works by genius musical pioneer Morton Feldman dance, in FOOTNOTES and DEPARTING LANDSCAPES. Now, she goes one step further, together with composer Yannis Kyriadikes.

Keren Levi
Dancer, choreographer and dance teacher Keren Levi was born in Israel where she also received her training at the School of the Kibbutz Dance Company. She has been dancing with different companies and independent choreographers such as the Kibbutz Dance Company, Batsheva, Philippe Blanchard, Joaquiem Sabate and Diane Eishout & Frank Handler since 1990. She started choreographing her own works in 1996. Since 1997, she has been teaching modern dance, composition and improvisation in different European countries – for the Henny Jurriens Foundation in Amsterdam, the Amsterdam Theatre School, the Rotterdam Dance Academy, for Impuls Tanz, Vienna, SEAD, Charleroi/Danses and tanzhaus nrw, among others.
Yannis Kyriakides
Composer and sound artist Yannis Kyriakides (born in 1969) unites sound, music and words in more than one hundred compositions. His award-winning works have been played by renowned contemporary ensembles on stages around the world. He studied musicology at York University, followed by composition with Louis Andriessen and Dick Raaijmakers. He is one of the co-founder of record label Unsounds and teaches composition at The Hague Royal Conservatory.
Slagwerk Den Haag
Slagwerk Den Haag  was founded in 1977. Europe’s most well-respected percussion ensemble remains fascinated by everything to do with tone, pulse and material as a sound source. They play on their traditional arsenal of instruments, but they also employ porcelain, horse jaws, glass, or 3D-printed objects. The ensemble, comprising six drummers*, is said to be pioneering in the field of finding, developing and implementing modern and unconventional sounds and sound sources.
Concept and Musical Composition: Yannis Kyriakides. Concept and Choreography: Keren Levi. Dance, Music and Choreography: Eva Susova, Charlie Laban Trier, Matthew Day. Drums, Dance and musical composition: Marianna Soroka, Assi Weitz (Fedor Teunisse, Pepe Garcia during the developmental phase). Dramaturgical Consultant: Igor Dobričić. Sensor Server and Software Development: Darien Brito. Sensor System and Audio Technology: Michele Abolaffio. Lighting Design and Lighting Technology: Martin Kaffarnik. Four Costumes: Ginta Tinte. Costumes: Assi Weitz, Keren Levi. Graphic Design: Miritte Ben Yitzchak. Photography: Eti Steinberg. Video: Assi Weitz. Management & Strategy: Jette Schneider (NeverLike / Transistor) Liesbeth Kok (Slagwerk Den Haag). Concept Development for Fund-Raisers: Judith Schoneveld (NeverLike / Transistor). Marketing & PR: Liorah Hoek (NeverLike), Marije de Graaf (Slagwerk Den) Haag). Production: Stephie Kolman (Slagwerk Den Haag). UNMUTE is a co-production by Keren Levi, NeverLike and Slagwerk Den Haag (The Hague). Supported by the Performing Arts Fund NL, Norma Fund, Creative Industries Fund NL and the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts. Our special gratitude goes out to the ICK Dans Amsterdam, FFT Düsseldorf and Veem House for Performance. Supported by the Kunststiftung NRW as part of the “Who is speaking?” series.