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We have to laugh before midnight

as part of Spielarten 2019
Theater ab 12 Jahren
FFT Juta

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Regardless of the things we do – the end of each day will inevitably come. That is a sad certainty. Or is it a comforting slogan designed to boost morale? Two performers dare to take a look at what, perhaps, remains in the moment of departure: What do we do with the time on our hands when we cannot tell how rare it will become one day? Why do we choose this or that over countless unlived alternatives? With a pronouncedly physical acting, a colourful, image-laden aesthetic and an unbridled joy in simple humour, TOBOSO joyfully looks into the face of growth and decay, devoid of sentimentality

By and with: Moritz Fleiter, Fabian Sattler. Bühne, Costumes: Sandra Becker. Musical coaching: Maika Küster. Dramaturgical collaboration: Charlotte Kath. Mentoring: Frauke Kerker. Technical direction: Simon Knöß