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Wenn die Wolken so sind wie heute

by Judith Martin
Only ask Valery!
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We are not in the theater. We are at a music festival by the name of UTOPIA. There, young people discuss how they want to shape their future in a society in which all battles are fought out and individual freedom is guaranteed. UTOPIA – the name carries the promise of freedom to exchange views about democratic and fair coexistence. Yet when must words be followed by deeds? What can we do? How can we do it? Wenn die Wolken so sind wie heute (When the Clouds Are Like Today) by young writer Judith Martin is a piece about the desire for resistance and change and the difficulty of overcoming internal and external barriers.


With Charlotta de Pinho Rolo, Ramin Haijat, Felix Herfs, Leander Hesse, Lisa Kanthack, Laosie Lenders, Maja Marek, Lilli Reents, Daniel Santa Maria, Frida Stach, Johann Wehrmeister, Selina Boes and Neumatic Parlo: Vincent Göttler (voc, g), Simon Hartmann (g),  Frederick Oltersdorf (b), Louis Maikowski (dr) . Direction/Set/Production: Michael Stieleke. Dramaturgy: Gila Maria Becker. Choreography: Sabeth Dannenberg. Costumes: Sabrina Heitzer. Music: Neumatic Parlo. Lights: Stefan Heitz. Assistant Director and Production Assistant/ Media: Dona Naghash-Sadraei Video: Junge Filmwerkstatt Düsseldorf: Lennart Klein, Luis Wedekind. Coaching Video: Nils Kemmerling. Photos: Klaus Hoffmann.  Film Documentation: Fabian Schulz. Design & Construction Kiosk: Tim Papenberg, Kai Bünte. Tech: FFT Düsseldorf. Expanded Text Version: Only ask Valery!


Coproduction: FFT Düsseldorf. Funded by: Cultural Department of the City of Düsseldorf, Take-Off: Junger Tanz, Stiftung van Meeteren, Filmwerkstatt Düsseldorf, Fachschule Holztechnik & Gestaltung Hildesheim.


Only ask Valery!is a theater label made up of young and talented teenagers, whose performances deal with current text of relevancy to them. The group pursues the promotion of young, new talent with the approach of finding access to and transposing already finished pieces. In this case and particular context, the script was commissioned from and written up by the young author Judith Martin, currently studying at the University of Hildesheim’s Department for Creative Writing and Cultural Journalism.