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Zusammen Bauen

Martin Nachbar + Gabi Dan Droste
Tanzperformance ab 10 Jahren
FFT Juta
language: german
16€/10€ (erm.)

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On the stage, we find a wooden object reminiscent of an adventure playground – somehow incomplete and slightly broken, even. Can it still be turned into something? Into a hut? Into an aeroplane? Into a cupboard? A group of people, comprised of children and adults from ten to seventy years of age, starts to dismantle and convert it. They design it, they perform carpentry, they mount – together and against each other. They work with the materials at hand, searching for and finding ideas, transforming something into something else. Everyday scenes and conflicts, dances and funny moments arise to Erik Leithäuser’s delicate, yet rousing musical accompaniment. “Zusammen Bauen” asks for modes of collaboration across generations – and what it is that so often prevents us from engaging in them.

Martin Nachbar + Gabi Dan Droste
Martin Nachbar and Gabi dan Droste met during artistic research project Agieren mit Kunst (2013), beginning a cooperation that continued into 2015’s “Anstecken! Das Künstlerische in der Kulturellen Bildung”. The following year saw the release of their collaborative effort ICH BIN’S, DEINE SCHWESTERN, which premiered at Hanover’s KinderTheaterHaus and subsequently became the only production for a young audience to be shown at Tanzkongress Hannover. Invitations for guest performances at FFT Düsseldorf, THINK BIG International Dance, Musical Theatre and Performance Festival in Munich and SCHÄXPIR in Linz followed. In 2017, they initiated and devised their intergenerational project MÄNNER TANZEN_ TANZGESCHICHTEN at Centre Français de Berlin. In the spring of 2018, they, in collaboration with Sabine Hilscher and David Reuter, conducted a research entitled REPARATUREN, peering into the interlocking connections of choreographic and sculptural elements with children. This research was supported by the Fonds Darstellende Künste. Building upon this, ZUSAMMEN BAUEN presents an intergenerational dance staging that is not exclusively aimed at a young audience. Martin Nachbar and Gabi dan Droste have been serving as the artistic direction team for FELD Theater for a young audience at Berlin’s Winterfeldtplatz.

Choreography, Direction: Gabi dan Droste, Martin Nachbar. Performance: Gaëtane Douin, Andreas Edelblut, Kaveh Ghaemi, Eva Günther, Zizi Nachbar/Niklas Schüler, Erik Leuthäuser, Jasper Frank/Hannah Pirot, Maria Wollny. Music: Erik Leuthäuser. Stage: Sabine Hilscher, Andreas Edelblut. Costumes: Sabine Hilscher. Lighting: Sé Strobach/Martin Pilz. Production: Gabi dan Droste and Martin Nachbar: Co-production: FELD Theater am Winterfeldtplatz, FFT Düsseldorf, KinderTheaterHaus Hannover, TanzZeit Berlin and SOPHIENSÆLE. Supported by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds (Berlin Capital City Cultural Fund), the State Capital of Hanover – Cultural Office and the Ministry for Science and Culture of the State of Lower Saxony. In cooperation with FRI-X BERG, Uferstudios and EDEN***** Studios. The producers wish to thank Gabriel Galindez Cruz and Sasha Waltz & Guest‘s children’s dance company Berlin, Boris Hauf, Harald Speicher and Vespa Vasic.