The Forum Freies Theater (FFT) exists since 1999. We are the platform for professional independent theater in NRW’s capital city of Düsseldorf. As an institution, the FFT not only provides space for independent art, but also actively engages in its developments and facilitates constant exchange. Our goal is be more than just a space for presentation. Art, research and education are fields of action, in which the FFT deals with current discourse in society.


Our focus currently lies on:

  • Democratization
  • Post-colonialism
  • Transculturalism
  • Networks/Digitality


In 2015, the FFT was awarded the Theaterpreis des Bundes

– excerpt from the jury statement:

„For 15 years now, the Forum Freies Theater (FFT) in Düsseldorf has run a program that includes participation by local residents, as well as experimental artistic positions from the performing arts. As it does so, it continually invents new formats, together with regional as well as international artists, which successfully combine conceptual thought from various disciplines with aesthetics activities. As a result, the FFT has created a sphere of city, art and theater on equal footing that strives to grasp concepts not only in form of artistic processes, but also to communicate their complexity and translate them into the reality of everyday life.“


Performance, dance, theater and music have a space at FFT. We curate artistic projects that strive towards originality. Art at FFT is challenging, it questions existing structures and always critically deals with the surrounding society. At the same time, art at FFT is always accessible and direct. Artists and groups from the region and across the globe bring their ideas on the New and Critical onto the stage with us.


Providing people with access to art is the FFT’s educational mandate. We seek to make art in all its different forms tangible, accessible and ideally interactive. By facilitating projects with teens, in schools and through the Alliance for Education, we also strive to promote confidant interactions with a wide range of artistic forms of expression. Quality is important, but we seek to communicate contents with an attitude of seeing eye-to-eye.

Projects with Teenagers

Program for Young Audiences

Theater and Education



In search of knowledge, the FFT explores new technologies and social developments. We face discussions in which Common Sense has not yet been reached. We experiment, fail and learn. In the FFT’s multidisciplinary laboratory, mentalities are questioned and the interplay of art and audience produce contributions to current socio-cultural research questions.




Become an FFT Scout!

Do you love theater, performance, music and have a healthy curiosity for everything new and unusual? Your friends and colleagues swear by your event tips? Then become an FFT Scout now! By attending rehearsals, joint events and regular meetings with the FFT Team, you’ll experience what’s new sooner than everyone else. You’ll receive free tickets for all shows and will bring along your friends on a regular basis.

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Upcoming Meetings


October 5th // FFT Juta

19 Uhr Scout-Meeting

20 Uhr “Chöre der Angekommenen – Über die Besetzung des Oranienplatzes”


For three years, refugees and supporters occupied the Oranienplatz in Berlin until it was evacuated in 2014. They protested against residence obligations and deportation practices. Musicians and activists of the Schwabinggrad Ballett and Arrivati interviewed the occupiers and now bring the material to the stage in a spectacular performance-concert.



November 2nd // Place tbc

19 Uhr Scout-Meeting

20 Uhr „Museum of Lungs“


“Museum of Lungs” tells the story of a woman suffering from tuberculosis. Against the backdrop of capitalism and post-colonialism, we gain insight into the history of apartheid in South Africa. Egyptian director Laila Soliman brings a performer and two musicians stage together on for this moving piece.