workshop with Bojan Jablanovec from Via Negativa

Im Rahmen der internationalen Performance-Reihe Eve of Destruction


In cooperation with FFT, the Slovenian group Via Negativa invites practitioners from the fields of performing and visual arts, theatre, dance and experimental research to get to know the artistic practice of the group during a three-day workshop. The „Via Negativa Performance Art Laboratory“ asks what performers do on stage and why they do it. It follows a special method of self-staging. The main goal of the workshop is to make the participants aware of their creative potentials and limits. The „Via Negativa Performance Art Laboratory“ does not teach acting techniques – the participants rely on their imagination, intuition, presence, energy and experience. The participants explore their own material, its performative potential and develop presentation strategies.


Working Theme POWER


The participants* are asked to prepare material on the working theme of POWER for presentation in the workshop. POWER works according to simple, basic and old principles. It is an eternal fascination. How do we fight against it and for it in our daily life?


As individuals and as a society, we live in a constant relationship to power, which forces us all to submit and to fit into a certain hierarchy of relationships: State, law, economy, religion, education, etc. The way in which an individual deals with or opposes power structures determines and shapes our personalities, identities, points of view. On the other hand, we need to assert (or negate) our own position of power in order to establish and maintain our existence and identity. We look for situations in which we feel strong and try to avoid situations in which we feel weak. There is a basic force that we could call the life force that is given to everyone. Art could also be a tool of power, it strengthens the personality, it makes the individual meaningful, and it has the ability to strengthen something that at first glance might be perceived as powerless. And of course it is also about abuse of power – at all levels of our private and social lives. War is the most violent and extreme demonstration of power in which we accelerate our domination of the other to the extent of life and death decisions. History could be read as a story about power. 


All information for download as PDF in German and English.


9th to 11th nov, 10 am till 5 pm, FFT Juta

Language: English

Recommended for practitioners with some previous knowledge. Participation is free of charge. Binding registration at:


The workshop is part of the international performance series „Eve of Destruction“ funded by the Kunststiftung NRW.