west off vom 9. bis 11.1.2020

The future: Ahead lies the edge of the cliff – fall or flight?


west off, shared platform of theaterimballsaal Bonn, studiobühneköln and the FFT, accesses next-generation theatre. Three young North Rhine-Westphalian collectives develop their own rules for a look on the present with subversive power: The comedic self-diagnostic of All I Need kollektiv.plakativ succumbs to consumerist ecstasy, right down to the inevitable hangover and the anticlimactic sobering. äöü group discovers an operetta score within the inner workings of a vacuum cleaner bag (Innenleben eines Staubsaugerbeutels) As the archival matter of our everyday lives, dust hovers and looms above the grand questions of form, content, kitsch, art, magic, and science. Locu&Ruth’s Still Standing takes a stance. Both performers open up the filmed archive of their “stand-ins” at Hambacher Forst, in industry fallow lands, in a riverbed and other locales. On stage, they proceed to mesmerise their audience with this material and their minimal choreography.


The west off programme at FFT will be complemented with two remarkable positions by young artists: Nora oder ein Altenheim, Nora or an old people’s home), the Swiss contribution to the international Freischwimmen platform, transfers Ibsen’s emancipatory icon to the space of the twilight years’. Saskia Rudat, 2015 west off participator, challenges rigid gender roles in her solo performance Defining (i) dentity, in funny and intelligent ways.Additionally, artists, producers and supporters will discuss new aesthetics and sustainable collaborations on the occasion of the 10thedition of west off Theaternetzwerk Rheinland on January 11.




All I Need

oder „Das ist das Gleiche nur in Gold“


Want Want Want! What we don’t all supposedly need to have and should want to have! kollektiv.plakativ rapidly and comically tackles buying binges and rampant consumerism. Hyped until the hangover. Has this been all there is? Is there not more to life?



Do 9.1.2020, 19.30 Uhr, FFT Juta




Aus dem Innenleben eines Staubsaugerbeutels

(From the inner workings of a vacuum cleaner bag)



Dust is everywhere. No matter how often we remove it – it always returns. Young collective äöü discovers the overarchingly large questions through the smallest morsels, in a cross between performance, installation and operetta. A vacuum cleaner concert, an operetta, kitsch and comedy on the conveyor.



Fr 10.1.2020, 19.30 Uhr, FFT Juta




Still Standing


Standing around, for minutes on end. Barely any movement. No sound. What appears to be dead simple and monotonous becomes an intense viewing experience with Locu&Ruth. Two women take a stand for something and have a standpoint, with their feet firmly planted on the ground. Worth seeing!



Sa 11.1.2020, 19.30 Uhr, FFT Juta



Saskia Rudat

Defining (i) dentity olo dentity oio dentity (I) dentity


Blue. Pink. Trousers. Skirt. Cars. Dolls. Don’t be afraid, we have overcome it all. Or have we? Driven by profound disapproval, the performance negotiates binary gender boxes and sexual myths with a lot of with, personality and rock‘n’roll.



Sa 11.1.2020, 21 Uhr, FFT Juta



Follow Us

Nora oder ein Altenheim

(Nora or an old people’s home)


Follow Us group transports Ibsen’s most prominent female character into present times, relocating her – in total accordance with our time’s demographic change – to an old people’s home.



Do 9. + Fr 10.1.2020, 21 Uhr, FFT Juta



FFT Düsseldorf & Cheers for Fears
COMING UP? – What do artists need at the beginning of their careers?


What are up-and-coming artists, actually? Do they grow automatically – and if so, towards what? North Rhine-Westphalia boasts numerous successful initiatives to support a young generation within the independent performing arts. What do those programs mean to artists at the outset of their careers?



Sa 11.1.2020, 17 Uhr, FFT Juta


Tickets are available for 16€/10€ (reduced) in the ticket shop and at tickets@fft-duesseldorf.de